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What is

The Knowery is the new yellow pages. Search thousands of companies from all over the world, from the most popular to the most obscure ones, from trending ones to the world's greatest hidden gems.

The Knowery is your research and discovery tool when looking for suppliers, businesses to work with, products to purchase, and great finds to bookmark. Most of the times, great companies remain undiscovered because of online noise, algorithm biases and budget constraints. The Knowery allows even the smallest company to shine. As well, The Knowery allows you to easily research, easily find, easily retrieve business information, all in one central place, so you can save time.

What makes The Knowery different from other classifieds or online directories?

Curation, moderation, thoughtful aggregation, absolute posting flexibilities but most importantly, empathy are the things that differentiate us from others. Read below to know about us in detail.

How does it work?

To see how it works, please visit our Info Page

To read about us, please visit our About Us Page

To join as a Knower to post your listing, please visit our Knower Page


Who are Knowers?

Knowers are business owners from around the world who join The Knowery community making them eligible for sharing their business information, listings, offers and announcements on our platform.

They are not employed by The Knowery, hiring or booking them are at the discretion of Customers and are done outside of the platform.

Please reach out to the companies independently and directly.

What are your security measures to protect the community from spammers and scammers?

The Knowery is dubbed The New Yellow Pages for a reason! We've paid attention to the pain points of current market options and we know, security is one of them.

Here, listings are moderated. We make sure each and every listing is reviewed by a human before it goes live! The waiting period (usually within a few hours) is a small sacrifice that yields great rewards. We scan for duplicates, fraudulent and suspicious listings and offers, or even great offers that risk getting overshadowed due to incorrect copywriting. We make sure all posts get a fair chance at getting found.

We also employ various verification procedures to eliminate the risk of unwanted user activities on our site. Read below!

Lastly, we added thoughtful features and functionalities such as reviews moderation and reporting procedures to fill in the gaps. But most importantly, we are constantly aiming for incremental progress when it comes to improving the security and functionalities of our platform.

Why should I list my business on The Knowery? I already am indexed by search engines and also part of social media communities?

The Knowery is a platform where even the most unique, most specific companies and offers can be found. Companies are organized and easily searchable by Customers. The Knowery also ensures all offers are verified for location, to better manage expectations of the users of our platforms.

By being on, you have access to the thousands of people who visit our site daily, people who already have the intention to source, giving you the opportunity to meet Customers you wouldn't otherwise meet in other avenues. On search engines, thousands of online noise and extra information compete for attention, making it hard for your business to get found. On social media, the intention is more for casual connections and feed browsing, unlike on where it is targeted and focused. As well, The Knowery allows Customers to easily find what they are looking for. There are no restricted categories like in traditional classified ads and there is a powerful search bar on that makes it easy for Customers to find listings.

What is the verification process?

Our verification process includes pre-approving a listing or an offer, or reaching out to the business owner if the listing needs adjustment, before the post goes live. This is to ensure that the community is protected from spammers, fraudulent activities and misleading information as much as possible. 

We also encourage our Knowers to post a video or similar proof of their capabilities, them in action to help verify their listing. Knowers who voluntarily submit proof of ability that satisfies our Onboarding Team's standard get the Verified Badge on their profiles.

Why are you charging Knowers to be part of The Knowery?

We do not get commission out of your sale as we believe each Knower deserves to make money their own way. Whether you ended up with a booking that gave you USD20.00 profit or USD2,000 profit, you get to keep the fruits of your toils. We also do not restrict you on how to communicate with the Customers to give you absolute flexibility.

The fee to post your offer on is a very minimal fee of USD12.00 for 12 months. $1.00 a month! It is a remarkably reasonable fee given the many advantages you get by being part of the community. It also ensures the site runs securely and smoothly. 

What am I expected to do as a Knower?

As a Knower, you are responsible for

  • Making sure your profile and offer information are accurate and clear
  • Checking your contact methods regularly to see if any initial inquiries are sent your way
  • Communicating with every potential customer whether you choose to accept or refuse their initial inquiry
  • Fulfilling your offer as discussed by you and the Customer

As a Knower, you are encouraged to

  • Respond in a timely manner
  • Be courteous, polite, considerate of the Customer's questions
  • Provide excellent service

Any Knower who gets a series of complaints from Customers will be subject to investigation, and can lead to their removal and blacklisting from our site

Any Knower who spams Customers will be removed from our site immediately


How do I contact a Knower?

Get started by browsing the thousands of listings and offers on Once you identify a company who you would like to work with, initiate a conversation by clicking the CONNECT button. Depending on the comany's provided contact information, a Customer can connect with them via Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Email, LinkedIn, Phone Call, their own website.

How do I place an order or book a Knower?

All deals with a Knower is made outside of through the agreed method of communication of both parties. Hence, The Knowery advises all Customers to clarify all offers with the company prior to booking a service / placing an order as only the company will be responsible in fulfilling their obligation, promise or offer with the Customer.

How do I know which business or offer is best for my project?

When you perform a business search on our platform, all potential matches will be displayed. You will be able to browse and read up on each Company's capabilities and offerings, details of their offers along with reviews whenever available. These details can hopefully help you make an informed decision.

The best method, however, is to contact the comapnies directly to ask any question you might have. The Knowery makes it easy for you to connect with a company via universally accepted contact methods, whether social media, email or phone.

Are companies verified?

The Knowery approves each offer before they are posted on our site and we enforce measures to block spam or suspicious offers. However, we do not vet any service or product offered as each Knower is responsible in offering and fulfilling each product/service. 

Companies are also asked for verifiable phone numbers to confirm their location to help eliminate the risk of misleading offers

I have issues with my order / issues with a Knower

All issues must be resolved with the Knower as will not be responsible for the deals made. Knowers manage their own inventory, orders, and policies, and should assist you with any questions about your order. 

To avoid future issues, make sure that you manage expectations by having clear and straightforward conversations with the company before you place any order.

Any Customer who gets a series of complaints from Knowers will be subject to investigation, and can lead to their removal and blacklisting from our site

Any Customer who spams Knowers will be removed from our site immediately

How can I leave a review?

We encourage Customers to leave a review. This helps maintain the integrity of our site.

Simply search for the Knower's listing and leave your review. When considering to leave a review, we ask that you be fair and considerate as The Knowery's intention is to promote a healthy community and provide opportunity for economic gains for the businesses in your community.

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