We cut-to-size & ship sheets of plexiglass directly to your door


We currently maintain 21 full-scale stocking locations throughout the USA, Singapore & Taiwan employing more than 450 people.

Whether you are looking for Plastic Sheets, Rods, Tubing, Films, Profiles, or Fabricated Parts, we have the people, products and services to meet your needs. Our website offers more than 1,000 Plastics, Laminates, Ceramics & Specialty Alloys for your review. Professional Plastics is a global distributor of Mitsubishi MCAM - Quadrant EPP materials such as Torlon®, Techtron®, Ertalyte®, Nylatron®, Semitron®, and others. We are also a Master Distributor of Meldin® by Saint Gobain, Macor® by Corning, and Turcite® by Trelleborg. We also stock a massive inventory of DuPont Vespel® shapes at our facilities in the USA, Singapore and Taiwan.


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